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whatever the weather, whatever the tide
i will always be there, right at your side
to hold your hand,
to help you through the pain;
i’ll pick up your broken parts and i’ll put you back together,
piece by piece, edge to edge;
i’ll trace your seams and scars with my fingertips
in hopes that one day, they’ll heal
and this pain that you feel
will be gone for good
and you will be at peace
with yourself
and you will be
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I want to breathe with you
In our own corner of the world
Surrounded by a garden
You planted, where flowers
Have names and the trees
Give shade as we loiter the days.

Where in the mornings,
The fog is thick and crystallizes
Our eyelashes and our skin
Smells of coffee steam.

Where in the afternoons,
The sun hovers above our porch
Leaving condensation dripping
From our iced tea glasses.

Where in the evening,
You wrap your body around mine
Entwine and cover our mouths
With feather filled blankets
And knees that feel like fever
Groveling in greed and laughter
Where together we keep breathing
And a lifetime after.

I want to dance with you
Same time
Two nights a week
Even when we fight,
Compelling us to stay close,
On those rough days
When we need it the most.

• S.L. Voss (via slvoss)
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La Dispute /// Edward Benz, 27 Times.Photo by: Ryan (FOLLOW!)Edit by Me.Please dont remove credits or steal.
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The Infamous Middle Finger